Plantation Shutter Repair

Do it yourself instruction and part sources

Plantation Shutter Repair

Do your own shutter repairs and
Save Big!

Doing your own shutter repairs is now made even easier with a number of websites that now provide shutter repair parts, repair kits, and replacement hardware.  Homeowners that have shutters in disrepair are no longer held hostage by companies that simply do not want to bother repairing your shutters, and often times try to convince the homeowner that the only alternative is to purchase new plantation shutters from them.

Shutter parts and hardware.

Shutter Medic offers homeowners a wide range of  shutter parts and repair kits.

  • missing shutter staples
  • damaged louvers or slats
  • damaged tilt rods or tilt bars
  • louver or slat pins
  • hard to find shutter hardware and knobs
  • louvers that will not stay open or in set position.
  • panels that are coming apart at the corners

What if I have questions about my shutter repair?

If your not certain about something or just want to talk to a real person about your shutter repair, any of the websites listed as a source have toll free numbers with knowledgeable that would be happy to assist you.